Product Overview
Yoseme-Fully Automatic Distilling Maifan Stone Mineral Water Machine
Shangrila-Maifan Stone Water Distiller
Yoseme-Far Infrared Home Sauna
Yoseme-Ozone Air Purifier
Procurement Method
  Operating Philosophy
The purpose of establishing operating philosophy is to seek the way of sustainable business development. To help employees play to their strengths, to search for the meaning of life, values, ideals. And to fulfill the social responsibility of enterprises.

1. Integrity: Integrity is the basis of enterprise operation. It promotes
  mutually trustworthy and beneficial relationships among customers,
  employees, shareholders, suppliers, government and the public.
2. Talents and innovation: Talents is the source of innovation. Through invention, discovery and improvement,
  continual renewal, constantly striving for self-perfection, to make enterprise's products, technologies,
  processes, management and services become the industry standards.
3. Quality: Quality is the root of all values. It is also the threshold to win and to service customers. Setting the
  goal of quality, keep improving, pursuing excellent quality for work, life, and society.
4. Services: Be customers oriented. Promptly handle customers' appeals. Grow with the customers.
5. Efficiency: Encourage employees to maximize their efficiency and the utilization rate of production equipment.
  Keep raising the value of each employee's work output. Provide better compensation for employees to attract
  high quality staff.
6. Compensation: Create enterprise values actively. Increase return on equity investment to share with
7. Growth: Employees and shareholders are to grow and develop along with the enterprise.

Create new values in traditional enterprises. Understand the demands of environmental protection. Reduce energy consumption. Promote green energy, health businesses. Become the leader of product development in the eyes of customers.

Customer Services
‧Establish a perfect quality control system. Adhere to strict standards to maintain excellent quality and
 professional mastery of technology.
‧Understand customers' issues. Promptly handle customers' appeals to maintain long-term trust and friendship.
"Customer satisfaction is a remarkable achievement for us."

Company introduction
Company Name: Ham Mai Industrial Co., Ltd.
Founded: November 20, 2005
Registration number: 28016587
Address: 1F., No.116, Bo-ai St., Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: +886-3-5736500, +886-3-5736386
Fax: +886-3-5736489

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