Product Overview
Yoseme-Fully Automatic Distilling Maifan Stone Mineral Water Machine
Shangrila-Maifan Stone Water Distiller
Yoseme-Far Infrared Home Sauna
Yoseme-Ozone Air Purifier
Procurement Method
  Yoseme-Far Infrared Home Sauna

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Product Features
1. The far infrared function:
This sauna machine uses far infrared heating film, when power is turned on, it can produce far infrared with wave length of 8-14 microns. It creates a resonance effect with the far infrared naturally emitted by human body cells. This has the function of boosting metabolism, etc.
2. Excellent quality:
The main structure is made of gray, fire proof, hollow PE board. The surface layer is made of waterproof satin fabric. Insulation resin is used in inner lining. It is stylish and beautiful. The controller contains an LCD which is easy to operate.
3. Collapsible, easy to carry.
4. The product was designed for easy cleaning and storage. It is safe and healthy.