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Yoseme-Fully Automatic Distilling Maifan Stone Mineral Water Machine
Shangrila-Maifan Stone Water Distiller
Yoseme-Far Infrared Home Sauna
Yoseme-Ozone Air Purifier
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  Shangrila-Maifan Stone Water Distiller

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Product Features
World-class water making master
Shangrila-Absolute pure and clean. It came from our absolute professional technology of extraction and purification.
Comprehend the secrets of nature. Apply professional knowledge, superb technical skills to provide your family an endless supply of 100% pure, natural Maifan distilled water.
Be relieved when drinking water. Do not have to worry about viruses, heavy metals, chemical toxins and other pollutants in water, because they have been removed completely.
A machine you can trust for life: "Two-in-one Maifan Stone Water Distiller".

How was absolutely pure water made?
1. Pour raw water into the distiller. Plug in the power then press the start button. Automatic distillation begins!
2. When the water is heated, cancer-causing gases in water such as chlorine, chloroform, etc. will be discharged from the exhaust chamber.
3. When the water is heated to 104 ℃, it becomes a smoke-like vapor slowly rising from the surface of the water. At this time, all the impure substances such as heavy metals, chemical contaminants, and even bacteria cannot rise with the water vapor. They will precipitate at the bottom of the distiller.
4. The water vapor is then cooled to become 100% pure distilled water of nano-small water molecules.
5. Finally, the pristine distilled water is dripped onto the Maifan stone activator. Traces of precious minerals are dissolved into the water. This makes the distilled water taste pure, sweet and refreshing.

Basic electricity tariff calculation, Shangrila requires around $NT1.6575 to make 1 liter (1,000 cc) of distilled water at home. This distilled water is free from any pollutant. It's pure, safe, reliable and also contains minerals.
‧Healthy─100% pure, clean, high quality drinking water, "zero burden" for your body. It is the healthiest
‧Safe─Do not worry about water sources, secondary pollution caused by the water tower and pipeline. No
 need to worry about consumables and filter replacement issues.
‧Environmental─It does not waste precious water resources. It does not cause any environmental protection
 issues from the production and recycling of filters. All materials used on the product can be recycled.
‧Product liability insurance of NT$10 million, Chartis Taiwan Insurance Co. (Insurance registration No.

Raising your beloved baby
Absolutely pure, sterile and distilled water containing traces of organic minerals is the healthiest choice to mix with powdered milk or juices for infants with a weak resistance. It is also the best drink in school children's water bottle.

Water and minerals
In addition to quenching thirst, water (accounts for over 70% of human body) has such important functions as delivering nutrients, regulating body temperature and metabolism, etc. in human body. According to Food Institute Report No. 24, the average water contains only trace amounts of inorganic minerals. In a modern civilization, one needs to understand the minerals required by human body are acquired through daily diet. They're not obtained from drinking water.