Product Overview
Yoseme-Fully Automatic Distilling Maifan Stone Mineral Water Machine
Shangrila-Maifan Stone Water Distiller
Yoseme-Far Infrared Home Sauna
Yoseme-Ozone Air Purifier
Procurement Method
  Shangrila-Ozone Air Purifier(Car and indoor dual)
Product Specifications

Shangrila-Ozone Air Purifier(Car and indoor dual)

‧Product unit weight: 1.27KG
‧Unit package size: 30 × 23.5 ×x 14 cm
‧Carton size: 61 × 48 × 29 cm 8×pcs / carton
‧Large carton total gross weight: 13.3 kg
‧power supply: 110v/220v

Ozone (O3) is the strongest natural antiseptic
In Taiwan, most people spend an average of more than 90% of their time indoors. In different indoor environments, public places have the highest pollution, followed by office space. Carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and total suspended particle concentration are higher in general public places. People understand the seriousness of indoor air pollution. Indoor air quality has a significant impact on human health. Select a good air purifier can reduce the dust, pollen and other suspended particles in the air.

Product function and characteristic

1.The product consumes the equivalent of a 18w(candles) fluorescent lamp of power, you can save other expenses in the future.
2.Three sections concentration adjustment. Five sections of space size setting. Set the time to follow their own usage requirements
3.Clean non-polluting econmic saving and environmentally friendly